Inspired by a brief conversation after class about physical challenge, I am reminded how we should always apply Ahimsa (the first of yoga’s moral and ethical codes) to our practise.
The yogic observation of Ahimsa means non harming, non violence in any form to any living creature, to cultivate compassionate living through the heart and mind.
To practise class in this way is to tune into your body’s needs, and not try to force yourself into anything that is painfully uncomfortable. 
  In yoga classes you are more likely to be encourage to back off from a stressful physically challenging  posture than pushing through pain to achieve a pose. 
 YES you do want to tax the body to receive all the yogic benefits, but also NO you don’t want to push the body and risk injury, reducing your quality of life. 
 To give yourself permission to accept what your body is feeling and to opt for a lesser intense modification is also a great mental challenge. To be fair its also hard to gauge what is too much sensation and what is not enough sensation. The good news is the more you engage Ahimsa into your practise, the more body mind awareness you will gain, and gradually your body will open more deeply to the posture. 
This is internal conversation with yourself is how yoga connects your mind, body and soul. Your personal time to check out and check into the temple (your body)  that your soul resides in. 
A quote from an amazing yoga teacher Kathryn Budig on inflexibility and pain.
“pain is your body’s loving way of keep you safe and prevent you from killing yourself”
Mind over body and body over mind.
 Love the body so the soul can shine thru. 
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