Choose loving thoughts vs. the fearful ones.

It’s a personal choice. Cross roads that divide your heart and mind. Do you protect yourself out of fear, or do bubble wrap yourself in light and love?What denies the truth? It’s how you spin the stories. The history that influences the present day; the imagination tangled up with insecure thoughts, and cloud the authentic truth. At times harder to accept. Almost impossible to imagine. Or maybe authentic truth isn’t believable enough by today’s standards. It’s possible that truth is more painful to admit, when mirrored by one’s own image. Yet when we look into the mirror, we only see what we want to see?

Our own interpretations help us cope with uncertainty. Stories are made up to find the answer and to feel resolved.. Stories based from fear to protect our fragile souls? Do we instinctively and fearfully anticipate the worse to come? To brace ourselves if we fall?

Fear we know well. The friend who visits from time to time since childhood. Unconsciously it’s natural to resource and process feelings through him; the habitual go-to emotion for protection. Protection from what, Ourselves? We’ve now grown up or think we have?

Love is a gamble. The unknown foreign territory waiting to be explored to the far reaches of the human experience. Love possesses the glory to soar, fly, fall or do it all. It’s only requirement to bear your soul, naked to be open to vulnerability.

Its an act of faith and trust that binds through strength and character. To love is ultimate surrender, the chance you take for a taste of heaven.. But then again that too can disappoint..

For a moment, forget everything. Bring yourself back to the beginning of time. Out of eight planets, our Earth being the only planet to get knocked so hard it spurred energy to create continuous ever evolving life. Close your eyes. Relax your mind. Tune into your beating heart as it pulses, notice the gentle wave of breath in perfect synchronization.. Our bodies the extension of the cosmos is a miracle of being! For inexplicable reasons something gives body the gift of life, the mind the gift of identity, the soul the treasure of spirit. Human species so perfectly orchestrated to function in its renewable environment, a blessing of love from above. An undeniable living energy of love. It’s the inhale

that falls in love with the exhale. The blood in it’s excitement pumps through the body to keep it alive. The spirit that lifts the soul to new heights. Its the living present energy of love, of life that swirls around us. Not without flaws but always perfect wild, free.

The only sustainable source of energy to give freely and receive. Give loving thoughts and your contributions will feed into the collective positive energy, and raise your vibrational frequency higher. Find the ability to love, bravery follows. Fly on the wings of love and if you should fall it will be with grace..

Face the road of fear and you would never experience what it is to really fly. For fear denies the miracle that you are. All you can be. The fullest expression of what it is to be.. To choose love is to choose to be every moment of you..

For every moment, every cell of you is love.

Written by Stacy