Choose loving thoughts vs. the fearful ones. It’s a personal choice. Cross roads that divide your heart and mind. Do you protect yourself out of fear, or do bubble wrap yourself in light and love?What denies the truth? It’s how you spin the stories. The history that influences the present day; the imagination tangled up with… Read more »

Why don’t you do some spoken word at the studio?

Thats cool, I don’t try to school I don’t want to make anyone a fool, and sound like a tool. Its not really my right as i have no real fight … to say.. Its just my kind of stupid word play, to relay, words in my mind that stay, on and on and on… Read more »

64 yogis at LULULEMON BRITOMART – The yoga for runner’s sessions

64 yogis at lulumon This week is the last week I will be teaching classes at Lululemon Britomart sunday 830 am. The runner’s inspired sequences (in preparation for the up comming marathon) echo some of my current of reflections. The concept of grounding. Personally I run around doing things I feel I must do now…. Read more »

The journey home.

The journey home It makes me uncomfortable to have these conflicts of my feelings, being tender and violent all at the same time. It makes me uncomfortable to sit with this weird space of nothingness, tired and drained from just the thought of it, so depressing. The life force sucked out of my soul, sitting… Read more »


My WANDERLUST yoga festival weekend has been an epic wave of blissful ignited fire, free flowing into the hearts and souls of ( i feel justified to say) everyone that had participated! Bravo for Wanderlust founders Jacqui and Jonny for really connecting the New Zealand yoga community together. The energy was consistently high and contagious. A… Read more »

Current Mood

current mood: the hesitations the anticipations of the complications leads to the road of stagnation but then one day the decision the activation clear the frustration inspire the revelations the contemplations the simplifications detoxification re set the foundation rise up to elevation in a word elation

Ahimsa – non harming.

Inspired by a brief conversation after class about physical challenge, I am reminded how we should always apply Ahimsa (the first of yoga’s moral and ethical codes) to our practise. The yogic observation of Ahimsa means non harming, non violence in any form to any living creature, to cultivate compassionate living through the heart and… Read more »

Svadhyaya – self study

My yogic thoughts and impressions of the pass week, how they will influence this week’s class as a backdrop to a bit of core work, further mindful breath awareness, and introduction to the mulah bandah. This past week (in my personal reading) I’m struck by the concept of acknowledging that bad situations and good situations… Read more »

  • The 3 “I” in I am

    Live with Intention, Intensity, with Integrity. Wednesday, 11 December 2013 This seems to be the running theme in my head for the last year or so. In my yoga practise, begins my internal dialog. Life can run circles around us. Its so easy to slip into ego’s space, and find some entertainment. Participating in life’s… Read more »