My yogic thoughts and impressions of the pass week, how they will influence this week’s class as a backdrop to a bit of core work, further mindful breath awareness, and introduction to the mulah bandah.

This past week (in my personal reading) I’m struck by the concept of acknowledging that bad situations and good situations are equally important as a source of energy. Instead of automatically reacting to these situations, choose to acknowledge, truthfully recognize what feelings surface from this source, then mindfully respond.

This particular chapter in the book that i have been influenced by ( The presence process by Micheal Brown)
For me reflects on the one of the niyamas: Svadhyaya – self study.

The yogic philosophy of turning your attention inwards, being aware of your feelings and behaviours without judgement, will shift your external world.

The act of Svadhyaya (self study) will influence how you deal with others and situations for the bet†er.

How this relates to our physical yoga practise (our asana practise) is to engage our breath to receive prana (energy) and to use it to deepen our connection to our bodies, to deepen our posture in our pose, to give us energy to execute our practise to the best of our ability, while we continue to be mindfully aware of our responses to the postures (asanas).

We will fire up the core, recruit the quads, the back muscles and hopefully incorporate the Mula bandah (perineal muscles) to receive energy to lift us further into our practise.

Hope to see you in class!

Wednesdays 915am Roby st girl guide hall, te atatu peninsula


Written by Stacy