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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

This seems to be the running theme in my head for the last year or so. In my yoga practise, begins my internal dialog. Life can run circles around us. Its so easy to slip into ego’s space, and find some entertainment. Participating in life’s dramas. We can dance tangos with personalities and issues that aren’t really significant. We are products of our environment and therefore effected by its turbulence. But we are not bound by this. Let’s make our own choice. Let’s re-create. Instead of looking for external answers and hints. Let’s turn in, and start the conversation. It’s through our internal process of connection with ourselves we begin to discover the vast depth the ocean of our being. If we can touch upon our own vulnerabilities down there and recognise and accept them, we can foster a forgiveness a self-love that naturally exist inside of us. We are the cosmos. We are of love, we are of light. Namaste in Sankrit means the beautiful light in me salutes and acknowledges the beautiful light in you. When we can truly be authentic and accept ourselves with love we can operate from a higher more centred place. We can be more effective, more conscious, more loving. How far can we extend this love today, tommorrow, and everyday after? How far and how bright can we shine some light into dark places? To be brave happy warriors of the good life, it might be an engaging duel (conversation) with our ego, our darker sides of our personalities. In our own humanity lies the work. This is our yoga.

Written by Stacy

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