The journey home

It makes me uncomfortable to have these conflicts of my feelings, being tender and violent all at the same time. It makes me uncomfortable to sit with this weird space of nothingness, tired and drained from just the thought of it, so depressing. The life force sucked out of my soul, sitting in an unhappy place. This dark gloomy shadow mood going against my loving self. How does that portray me.

How does that portray me?

Do you know that you are a product of love? That love is abundant in your soul? We have our moments of disdain at any given moment. Our moments of unwillingness to shift our perspectives, and doubts, the habitual satisfaction of entertaining the big ego. Dark, predictable, safe? How long can we swallow the pill of dis content? Yet here many of us are, not realising the self inflicted dis-ease. Monkey mind playing tricks again. Its exactly at times like these, we must commit to take the fall into grace. Place ourself into the hands of something greater.. Blind faith. Its at these times i pour my heart on to the matt.


I’ve got nothing left to give. I am but an empty vessel trying to navigate the stormy waters of feelings.The wave of breath.. Breathe. The intensity of pain vs. release almost pleasure, loses my mind. Yoga brings me into the present space, into myself. What was important is no longer relevant.


Be in the here, now.

Nothing else matters.


Relief. You are here, dropping into your internal space if you can just open the door. The landscape from which you can quietly listen, observe your thoughts your tendencies. What did you find? Separate but also all encompass self? Have you found compassion in your heart? For it is you. Its always been about you. Did you find your way back to love? For love was always there. Waiting for you to arrive. Self love buried under all the bullshit unknowingly you let life bring.

Yoga. Connection to self.

Inhale. Breathe a prayer to the sky. The mysterious wondrous universe. We are the miracle of life, created by polarities of male and female. A dance, an act of love…. We are of love, for better or worse… We are the miracle.

We are here. Enter through the body to find the heart and soul. Re educate the mind…

Come back home.

Written by Stacy

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