My WANDERLUST yoga festival weekend has been an epic wave of blissful ignited fire, free flowing into the hearts and souls of ( i feel justified to say) everyone that had participated! Bravo for Wanderlust founders Jacqui and Jonny for really connecting the New Zealand yoga community together. The energy was consistently high and contagious. A loving vibrational OM seemed to reverberate  throughout the four days that carried us into the night sea of jumping, dancing bodies, screaming voices in ecstasy with the likes of NAHKO, XAVIER RUDD, SOLAROSA.COM, and NIGHTMARESONWAX.COM.
As New Zealand yogis we often might have cross paths and even have been friendly with each other in classes or seen each other thru the wonderful little squares on Instagram but to truly connect and be apart of yoga movement in New Zealand outside of the studio was so special and magical. Emotions and seratonin fuelled a collective gigantic love bubble to be in the presence of so many inspirational yoga and wellness leaders. To witness the firm foundations of a loving supportive modern spiritual community being built this weekend spearheaded by international iconic speakers and teachers was an overwhelming experience. Rest assured many Wanderlusters felt an immense sense of gratitude to be in such humble brilliant company.
Yoga attract many people for many reasons. On a personal level i find that i have to keep re defining what yoga means to me, because i feel the practise so powerful, and ever giving. It is the very tool to help us live in the most optimum way in full realisation of what it is to be human and of service to our fellow beings, to live to the fullest.  We are the miracle, we are the beauty. We are the miracle and the wonder of life itself, our bliss is our natural inheritance! Happiness is already inside each and everyone of us. The festival was a soul full reminder that we must maintain a true authentic inner consciousness to be able to remove the blockages to the awareness of love presence, our bliss.
Much much gratitude to Wanderlust festival, the loving vigilant cheerleader to inspire us on our yogic journey for whatever that might mean for everyone. I’m without a doubt sure many will find it hard to transition back into the daily grind. And that my friends is where the real yoga starts…EEkkkss!!
WANDERLUST is an international touring yoga and music festival. This article focuses on the New Zealand leg of the tour.

Written by Stacy

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